Susannah & Marcus continued

Susannah’s make up was done by Annie from Amara, it really was gorgeous, I would really recommend her to anyone in the Preston area, it was quite natural and not overdone but Susannah looked truly fabulous.
We loved the photographer John I’m really sorry that I forgot to pick up his card so if anyone knows where he’s from please let me know, he was fantastic with bags of energy, he was up ladders, laid on the floor snapping away continually and generally racing around but in no way “stressy”, the photos will be great I’m sure and I can’t wait to see them.
Bartle Hall was as ever looking lovely, they are always so on the ball there, really well organised, the tables are always laid nice and early but most importantly laid beautifully, the glasses and cutlery just sparkle.
Chair Covers were done by the wonderful Creative Cover Hire and were totally spot on as we would always expect from them.
All in all this was a superbly planned day and I’m sure Susannah & Marcus wouldn’t have changed a thing!

The Balmoral Suite at Bartle Hall looked absolutely superb.

Susannah & Marcus Sheridan 29th August 2008

Spanish Moss & Lasting Elegance
The very thought of this wedding evoked images and dreams of the perfect late summer day, mellow and glimmering, glowing with softly striking colours, surrounded by friends, loved ones and happiness. Everything our minds conjured up at the thought of the day, cool bubbles of champagne against the gentle sun on your back. All of it was absolutely real and truly beautiful, creating something of substance and fitting for the best of memories. In order to make the most of this image we wanted to add elements of elegance and subtle quirkiness alongside a hint of vintage romance, we included details like the poppy seed heads for gorgeous little Poppy the flower girl. Using complimentary diverse colours such as; fresh greens, aubergines and bronzy pinks, together with the golden heart motifs, all of this to compliment the Spanish moss fabric of Rebecca’s gown. Incorporating a variety of textures; curling swirling rose, the waxy finish of an Anthurium, Plump smooth & spikiness of a Poppy seed head and the smooth and linear elegance of a Calla lily. Another important ingredient in the wedding was the sense of heritage, the historic nature of St Leonard thee Less Church at Salmesbury and the natural beauty surrounding both venues were a source of great inspiration for us. It provided an air of longevity to the day and the marriage as a whole. We wanted contribute to this by ensuring that every single flower we used was truly and individually beautiful.
The overall look is to be one of lasting elegance and unique beauty.

Bartle Hall were as always superb, the tables were set beautifully.

Fabulous Giant Candelabra at Vicyoria's Wedding

Huge Floor standing Candelabra, looks superb with fresh flowers arranged around the top

Vicky & Jason Dempsey continued Stanley House Reception

Here are some more pictures from Vicky & Jason Dempseys wedding day. How fab are the chair covers?

We used fabulous tall black martini glasses filled with fresh Gingers, Phalaenopsis & Roses.

The Reception was held in the downstairs room at Stanley House it looked really superb, the staff there are really on the ball, seriously attentive with great attention to detail.

Victoria & Jason Dempsey Wedding Day at Samlesbury Hall and Stanley House

Congratulations to Vicky & Jason

The huge basket of Rose petals was handed out very professionaly by Josh & Kian.

Fresh Rose Petal Confetti, we organised a tunnel of love style line up, we organised the ladies on either side of the path and our gorgeous Bride & Groom walked through the shower of fragrant petals.

This is the view from The Minstrels Gallery in the Chapel.

Vicky had a fountain bouquet of Red Lips Phalaenopsis & White Singapore Orchids, fabulous foliages and grasses. We made a Special individually designed boutonnière for Jason created from A Red lips Phalaenopsis together ith a tiny Singapore orchid used in the bridal bouquet finished with the stem bound in silver bullion. The bouquet was perfect with Vicky's glorious Dreamcatcher Bridal Gown.

The ceremony flowers were quite spectacular with amazing cerise pink Nerines, Gloriosa, Gerbera, Roses, Celosia and Phalaenopsis Orchids. The colours balanced perfectly with the chair covers and table dressings designed by Creative Cover Hire.
Dawn from Creative Cover Hire did a beautiful job and the service from them is second to none, they moved all the chair covers from Salmesbury Hall after the wedding up to Stanley House, you just don't get service like that from any other linen hire company extremely impressive! to be perfectly honest the transformation from naked chairs to covered chairs is incredible, but even more incredible is the difference between cheaper covers and Creative's covers, other companies covers usually aren't ironed properly, they don't fit well and quite often are mis-matched. We always recommend Creative Cover Hire because quite simply they are the very best at what they do.
Salmesbury Hall looked fantastic and the civil service conducted by Carol & Kath was thoroughly good, Josh & Kian did a fabulous reading from "I love you this much!" it was so entertaining and not a dry eye in the house.

Crystal Blush & Elegance

Crystal Blush & Elegance
Victoria & Chris’ wedding day was to be filled with blissful elegance and delicate beauty evoking a sense of instinctive happiness in each and every one of the guests. All the splendour and rosy cheeks of a summer’s day, therefore through the flowers we wanted to continue the notions of fresh feelings and sunny romance. The primary colour for the day was fairest pink, sumptuously pretty and intrinsically princess like. We wanted the church to be enriched by the blushing grandeur, using delicate shapes and complimentary colours, swirling roses and elegant, curving calla lilies. The ballroom at The Clifton Arms was already indicative of sunshine and blue skies; we wanted therefore to introduce the flushing pinks and whites to it. Using tall, fresh, candelabras filled with meadow-picked delphiniums, sweet scented roses and the last of the summer’s sweet-peas. The overall look was to be effortlessly subtle but innately ‘wow’.
I feel sure that all of this was achieved and some, Victoria looked utterly stunning, the diamante encrusted gown and Gina shoes were so gorgeous.
Father Damian as always did the best sermon, we really enjoyed the whole Gin & Tonic analogy, St. Annes Parish is one of the most welcoming Churches we go to, everyone is so lovely and always very complimentary about our flowers, it really is a pleasure to go there.

Kirsten & Ian Squire

What a glorious day for Kirsten & Ian, Kirsten carried a dew drop shaped bouquet of Pale pink Sweet Avalanche Roses, Cream Vendella & Old Dutch Roses, Ivory Spray Roses, Green Hydrangea, Ivy Trails, Viburnum berries, Fresh Rosemary, China Grass Loops, Deep pink/red Calla lilies and two Safari red Anthuriums that fitted in the bouquet like butterflies wings.

More pictures from Clifton Arms Victoria

Do men work harder than women?

Men work much harder than women, that’s why they don’t live as long (According to some radio show I was listening to) they have it seems far more stress than women and afford themselves less time to relax.
Life for me has been a little hectic lately, balancing motherhood with my passion for work. Last week I went to Majorca for a couple of days, Olivia is over there with my mum for a few weeks, she goes every summer, I wanted to surprise her & be there when she got her GCSE results! Sensational idea Jason and I thought, we checked out the diary I could fly out the day before and come back the day after in time for the weekend’s weddings. The plan was simple; I wouldn’t take any luggage just a rucksack. I did a 20 hour day the day before and then I got up at 4:00 did some work on the computer, the wonderful and lovely Jane at Pure Beauty came in at 7:30 to do all my maintenance work (Waxing) and put diamonds on my toes (I was assured that this was neither tarty nor too young for me), I sorted out the job sheets, did a lovely wedding appointment with a super couple for next summer and then whizzed to the airport. I was last to check in, first on the plane (I have no idea how), I slept for the entirety of the flight landed at 8:30pm I raced through Palma airport, my fabulous step father was there to meet me. Olivia had been told that he had a meeting with Tim the pool man, Mum & Olivia with my sister in law Michelle & my niece Charlotte & nephews Daniel & Nathan went off to our favourite restaurant. At 9:30 Glenn & I walked into Maison Del Rey mum positioned Olivia right in the middle facing the door, the place was full. Olivia couldn’t believe her eyes, she was so thrilled to see me, everyone in the restaurant it seemed was crying. Now this is very humbling, my 16 year old daughter really wanted me to be there she was genuinely thrilled to see me, she isn’t soppy or soft in fact quite the reverse, she is strong willed, independent and very, very beautiful (I am not biased in any way). It was a magical couple of days; the GCSE results were truly amazing and surpassed our wildest dreams. It was superb to spend precious time with my stunning and clever Olivia we are sooo proud of her.
Then I was back, as if I hadn’t even been away, (the food in the fridge was still in date), weddings for Sarah & Kirsten and then Saturday Victoria’s wedding from The Clifton Arms, what a glorious weekend. On Sunday an early wedding at No.1 then to Edinburgh to pick up Rebecca, and to see a couple of shows, we arrived back in the early hours of Monday morning, in time to deliver a bouquets to The Grand Theatre for Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.
On Tuesday I rang my mum, my brother had arrived, his wife had packed his case for him, left him some ready made meals all prepared so that she could take the three kids on her own to Majorca and get them settled before he arrived, Mum said Peter’s really tired I intend to spoil him completely, he works so hard you know, my mum works incredibly hard too probably far harder than she should, she always has, but even she is convinced that men work harder than women, it simply isn’t true! Although I have to admit Jason did stay at home and keep everything going whilst I gallivanted off to Majorca!

Halina & David Johnson

David with his Ushers, what a smart group gentlemen
David the very handsome groom with his Callaa Lily Buttonhole.
One of the Groom's Men's buttonholes
The Very Happy Couple leave Church
The Pines Hotel
The lovely flower Girl

We used a fabulous selction of fresh flowers for Halina & David's big day we included Mango & Crystal Blush Calla, Metalina Roses, Peach Avalanche Roses, Ivy Trails, Arabicum Chincherinchee, Bouvardia, Dill, Rosemary, Vendella & Champagne Roses, White Evelyn & Gracia Crème Spray rose, Safari mix, Sedum, Champagne Grass, Green Hydrangea, Viburnum steel berry and eucalyptus. The bouquet was finished with diamante crystal studs that twinkled in the sunlight throughout the day.

Halina's wedding was called "Chocolate Pleasures" we give weddings names so that we can instantly picture the style of the day. Halina has beautiful rich chocolate coloured eyes and this colour scheme absolutely made them stand out. We had a great time putting Halina's mood board together for the wedding and it is always lovely to see the completed designs on the day. Halina & David got married at there local church St. John's in Whittle le Woods and then celebrated their marriage at The Pines Hotel in Chorley.

Laura & James Gilmore

This wedding was an absolute joy, Laura & James have very classy taste. The Inn at Whitewell was the perfect venue for these two, wonderful scenery, relaxed atmosphere, fabulous food the whole day felt very special. From the moment Gary & I arrived we new it was going to be a great one, both families, some well chosen bridemaids & Ushers were very busy with preparations in the marquee, ABBA was playing on the Cd player (Slightly dodgy choice you may think but in our experience this is always a good sign) and everyone was happy and smiling. The whole day seemd to run like clockwork, Rebecca at The Inn is absolutely brilliant, no stressing, simply calm and effecient.

The band were the Dead Beats who are fabulous we have the honour of listening to bands do sound checks and rehearsals which is great, the band were also involved in the video too.

The flowers we chose were an exquisite a combination of wild country and classic sophistication a bit like The Inn really. We used White Eucharis Lilies, Phalaenopsis Orchids, Green Tea Roses, Lily of The Valley, Fresh Dill & Rosemary together with lots of luscious foliages and tall elegant Delphiniums and graceful Calla Lilies.

Stephanie & Thomas McCabe

Church Pedestal in The Willows Church Kirkham

Table Centre Candelabra Ball and Pew End Flowers used on the back of the chairs in The Grand Hotel St Annes

Stephanie Carried a“Flower Design” hand tied style bouquet with Silver Stone & Amnesia Roses, Terracotta Leonidas, Champagne, Forever Green Roses, Black eyed Beauty & Pale Mango Calla Lilies, Pale Green Hydrangeas, Hosta, Ivy, Champagne Grass, tiny Orchid heads, Green Hypericum, Alchemilla Mollis and bear Grass trails. The bouquet was finished with a tiny amount of diamante pins and an ivory tulle handle.

The theme for the day was vintage glamour, Stephanie and Thomas carried it off perfectly. The bridal gown was exquisite and I loved the fact that Stephanie & her mum had been to France to choose it, how gorgeous. The table centres were a little unusual, Stephanie wanted to use the antique style candelabras but candles aren't allowed at the Grand so we came up with these lovely topiaries of roses on the candelabra stands. The colour scheme was wild but looked magnificent in both The Willows Church at Kirkham & The Grand.

The Grand as ever did a sublime job, the tables are always laid beautifully and the table linen is always immaculate.
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